Wassail, traveler, and welcome to The Gable Grey -- a place of retreat, of renewal, and of resistance: a tree-shaded refuge in Dark Times. Now pass the threshold, and rest from journeys! For a cold wind is blowing; and here, if you wish, you may hear tidings of the world without...

Monday, March 19, 2012

Give me that old time religion...

Wassail, friends... Spring begins tomorrow!


  1. Love the new artwork Chris - and happy Spring to you too! :-)

  2. Most kind of you, Doc. Hope you and your flock are well. We are enjoying the unusually warm Spring so far, though I dread the coming summer months.

    I have not had much to say lately, either here or at NBL, though I read the posts and comments there regularly. It's to the point that all we can do is watch and wait for events to play out -- with OWS, Iran, Fukushima, Greece and the Euro, and the petroluem Ponzi economy. Or so I believe. A time of testing is upon us. I hope I am ready.


Whiles carried o'er the iron road,
We hurry by some fair abode;
The garden bright amidst the hay,
The yellow wain upon the way,
The dining men, the wind that sweeps
Light locks from off the sun-sweet heaps --
The gable grey, the hoary roof,
Here now -- and now so far aloof.
How sorely then we long to stay
And midst its sweetness wear the day,
And 'neath its changing shadows sit,
And feel ourselves a part of it.
Such rest, such stay, I strove to win
With these same leaves that lie herein.

-- William Morris, from
"The Roots of the Mountains"