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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Free MERP modules??? Holy broadsword!

My good friend and co-conspirator of old, Mr. A. Brock Chapman (may his beard never wither!), was kind enough to inform me of a most useful website the other day: www.scribd.com. Not only can one download books for free, but said books include not a few old MERP modules! I now have saved to my hard drive, in Adobe Acrobat, copies of Woses of the Black Wood, Gates of Mordor, Calenhad: A Beacon of Gondor, and (incredibly) The Court of Ardor in Southern Middle-earth. There are others also, and I will surely add them, as time goes by.
Thanks, Brock!

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Whiles carried o'er the iron road,
We hurry by some fair abode;
The garden bright amidst the hay,
The yellow wain upon the way,
The dining men, the wind that sweeps
Light locks from off the sun-sweet heaps --
The gable grey, the hoary roof,
Here now -- and now so far aloof.
How sorely then we long to stay
And midst its sweetness wear the day,
And 'neath its changing shadows sit,
And feel ourselves a part of it.
Such rest, such stay, I strove to win
With these same leaves that lie herein.

-- William Morris, from
"The Roots of the Mountains"